Chicken Selection Currently Available From Smithey Poultry.

Skip the incubator and pick up some chicks!

Available Breeds and Types:
Wheaten/Blue Wheaten Ameracauna $8/Chick Straight Run
Bielefelder $12/each for Pullet chicks $5/each for cockerel chicks
Crested Cream Legbars $10/each Pullet chick $5/each for Cockerel chicks
Buff Ameraucana $9/chick Straight Run
Red Pyle Modern Game Bantam $15/chick Straight Run
Lemon Blue Modern Game Bantam $15/chick Straight Run
Minimum order of 10 chicks
Shipping $30/box up to 50 chicks
Live Arrival Guaranteed
We are NPIP Certified

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Available Poultry Breeds